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Pond Fountain Pros are the leading supplier of Boat Dock and Pond De-Icers. The Pond Fountain Pro's Pond, Boat Dock DeIcer maintains open water in ponds and lakes around boats and boat docks in freezing conditions. Distributing worldwide, the Pond Fountain Pro's Arbrux DeIcer is known for its reliability and efficiency. These DeIcers brings the warmer, deeper water from the bottom of a body of water to the surface to create open water by utilizing a propeller to move the water. The Arbrux DeIcer is equipped with a drive structure to ensure the propeller is protected from any foreign debris.

DeIcers can be used in both shallow and deep applications. The DeIcer should be positioned to move the warmer water from the deeper parts to the shallow area when water depth is minimal. When de-icing deeper areas, the DeIcer should be placed at least 6” to 12” from the bottom of the body of water. It should be at least 1’ below the surface to a maximum of 5’ beneath. A ½ HP DeIcer will generally keep a 40’ diameter circle open when the unit is placed 5’ below the surface of the water.

While moving 500 gallons of water per minute, the DeIcer is self insurance that your dock, boathouse, structure and areas will be unaffected by ice damage. Larger De-Icers are available for commercial/industrial areas and can help with the survival of fish and water fowl during the winter months.

Positioning of the Deicers depends on the area/structure being protected. A De-Icer installed in a sling mount formation is ideal for boats and boat houses. When slung between two mooring points, the DeIcer has less potential to oscillate. For areas with one mounting point, the DeIcer should be hung by a single chain. By using a chain it will help stop the unit from oscillating. It is not recommended to hang the unit with a single rope. A float mount is also available for DeIcers that are being used in areas without a mounting point available.

Pond Boat and Dock De-Icer


  • The DeIcer uses a custom designed Propeller to ensure its Stability and reliability.
  • To help create a barrier between the propeller and foreign debris, the De-Icer is equipped with a drive structure that will help eliminate prop failure caused by debris coming entangled in the unit.
  • Arbrux Limited’s De-Icers come standard with 1/2hp, 120V Stainless Steel Submersible Motors and either 25’ or 50’ power cables. Other voltages and Hp are available.

Easy installation!

  • For Installation after freeze up, the DeIcer can be installed through a hole that has been augured in the ice. This is convenient for mid winter installations.
  • All De-Icers with 150' and longer cable sets come complete with a Quick Disconnect power cable set. 


*Note. Performance specifications are gained from empirical data in average conditions where usable heat in the water is adequate

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